If you want to help someone you care about, but don't know how, you're in the right place.

How It Works

When life gets hard, telling people what you need can feel overwhelming. On the flip side, asking people how you can help isn't easy either. We fix the problem by eliminating the stress and uneasiness. 
When you reach out to a friend or loved one with How Can I Love You Better, we provide a free, easy way for them to say what they need most, and when they need it.

Choose Who You Want To Help

Whether it's friend, family, or co-worker, we offer two styles of communication to empower you with the words and technology to support them.


Connect In A Meaningful Way

Send more than an email. Show up for your person in need by offering tangible services for them to choose from. And access a calendar option to make it easy. 


Show Up For Them

As soon as they respond, you'll get an email letting you know how and when to be there for them. It's up to you to follow through.

Asking For Help Can Be Hard. We Keep It Simple.

When we email your loved one, we send a list of services that vary depending on your distance and cost preference. Your loved one selects the things that would support them most. You receive an emailed response with how to help.

Show Your Love Selections

Simple Selection Process

We recommend the Show Your Love Selections because we simplify offering and receiving help. We give the your loved one or friend comforting services to choose from without any uncomfortable direct conversations of their preference. Our Show Your Love Selections make it easier for the sender and recipient.

Advanced Selection Process

If you have specific tasks that you want to include (such as walking the family dog fluffy), you can customize your support. You will get to choose from our list of Show Your Love Selections or add in your own options.

Choose Your Style To Get Started

This uses warmer colors, and more emotional language in the forms and emails that we send. It may be a better choice for family and loved ones.

This uses cooler colors, and less personal language in the forms and emails that we send.  It may be a better choice for friends and co-workers.


Celebrating Life. Supporting People In Grief.

Love Not Lost is a non-profit that supports people in grief. We are providing this service for free to help further our mission and empower the community to show up for people who are hurting.  If you want to learn more please visit our website.