How Can I Love You Better is brought to you by Love Not Lost.  Love Not Lost is a non-profit organization on a mission to celebrate life, preserve memories, and support people in grief.

family standing in front of Hope Sculpture

Our driving question for everything we do is: How can we love people better?

We are continually looking for ways to love people better.

We believe the absence of love is suffering. So when someone is suffering because of their circumstances, the last thing they need is to feel unloved or abandoned on top of their existing struggles. Not only do we (Love Not Lost) want to show up for people facing grief through the free portrait sessions, but we want to empower and equip you (the greater community of people who love them) to show up and love them better too. Our hope is that we can change the way we grieve so that everyone feels loved and cared for when they are hurting.

The world we envision is one where we can overcome fear, show up in the midst of suffering, and love well, regardless of circumstances. We would like to invite you to join us to love people better and support people in grief.

Ashley's Story


Ashley is the founder and executive director of Love Not Lost. She lost her daughter to a terminal illness, and has made it her life mission to help others. Here's a little snippet from her story:

"People frequently ask me how can I do what I do... My response is how can I not? The suffering and grief I've been through, along with the suffering I've joined others in, is hard, and it hurts, and there's pain involved, but there is great love and hope too. I know that this gift can help people through some of the darkest times they will face in life, when many people find themselves feeling helpless and alone. I was so grateful for those who entered into our grief and suffering with us in a world where the natural tendency is to run away. Not only do I hope to pay it forward, but I hope to change the way we look at grief and suffering so that we can love people better."


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